Key Features

• Versatile Wavelength Range: Covers a wide spectrum of wavelengths (420-520nm, 530-750nm, 530-950nm, 560-750nm, 640-950nm) for effective treatments targeting various skin concerns such as hair removal, vascular lesions, pigmentation, skin rejuvenation, and acne.

• Double Flash Lamps: Equipped with double flash lamps, enabling quicker and more effective treatments, thus enhancing clinic productivity and ROI.

• Integrated Cooling Mechanism: Each handpiece features a built-in cooling mechanism, ensuring comfortable treatments and improving patient satisfaction.

• No Consumables: Requires no consumables, which reduces ongoing operational costs and simplifies maintenance.

• Power Requirement: Operates at 110V, facilitating easy integration into any clinic setting


• Versatile Treatments: Offers comprehensive treatment options for a wide range of skin concerns.

• Efficiency: Quicker treatments accommodate more patients, maximizing revenue potential.

• Patient Comfort: Integrated cooling mechanisms ensure comfortable treatments, enhancing patient satisfaction.

• Cost-Effectiveness: No consumables required, minimizing ongoing operational


• Wavelengths: 420-520nm, 530-750nm, 530-950nm, 560-750nm, 640-950nm

• Spot Size: 15x45mm

• Flash Lamps: Double flash lamps

• Cooling Mechanism: Integrated cooling mechanism

• Power Requirement: 110V


• Warranty: The system comes with a one-year warranty, providing peace of mind to practitioners and ensuring reliable performance.

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